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"Took my little to the Mini Maker class today and it was perfect."
"Fun family day activity @LauraLabCochrane. 'Mom, can we go tomorrow please?'"
"@LauraLabCochrane Made me enjoy watercolour painting!"




Laura Lab is an ode to my mom, Laura. She is all things creative and is truly the reason I am so passionate about sensory discovery and art play. Throughout my childhood I had the freedom and ecouragement to take each curiosity or idea and create it for myself. 

This passion that was instilled in me has been exaggerated ever since I became a mom. I have two wildly incredible children that I want to raise in a world where the limits do not exist on their imagination. 

As a teacher, I see first hand how important allowing children to explore their own ideas is and building their own confidence in trusting themselves along the way.

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