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Laura Lab Owner

Danielle Deschamps


Welcome to my world of creativity, education, and community-building! I'm Danielle - I am a mom, artist, math and science teacher and small business owner. I'm driven by a passion for connecting and making a positive impact on my community. 

Art has always been an integral part of my identity and a means of self-expression. Whether it's painting, experimenting with different mediums, or making something crafty, I find art connects people and provides a fun and engaging experience that everyone can enjoy.

Science and math is just how my brain works. I've always loved factoring a good polynomial or putting a hypothesis to test in the Lab - hence the 'lab' part of Laura Lab.

Community and connection lie at the heart of everything I do. I believe that by creating a sense of belonging and togetherness, we can thrive in our personal lives as well as interpersonal. Laura Lab gives people an opportunity to come together, create through art, relax, learn, and most importantly - have FUN!

Laura Lab is an ode to my mom, Laura. She is all things creative and my inspiration

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